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ARMINE is a software package providing with FLASH programming and debugging of microcontrollers embedding ARM core. ARMINE package is based on OpenOCD with support for PRESTO, and a simple but convenient GUI frontend.

Please install drivers for ASIX PRESTO Programmer prior using ARMINE. Consult PRESTO User's Manual for details.

Note: ARMINE and OpenOCD communicate together over TCP connection, which may result in firewall warning about an application accessing the network. In fact the connection is made only locally from your computer back to itself and there is no communication with the outer world. You don't event need to have a network connection installed on your PC at all, the communication runs over virtual loopback adapter. If you experience such firewall warning, it is safe to allow ARMINE and OpenOCD to access network.

More about ARM support...

Current version

→ ARMINE_2008-06-20.ZIP
(ZIP archive, 1 431 855 B)
Based on OpenOCD revision 717.

The current version includes support of:

  • the AT91SAM7 microcontroller family and AT91SAM9260 by ATMEL
  • the LPC2xxx family by NXP founded by Philips

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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