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This page contains links all available downloads for the FORTE programmer: Documentation and software.


→ FORTE Reference Manual
(PDF format, ~5 MB)
MUST-READ INFORMATION for all users of the FORTE programmer!
Detailed information about FORTE installation and usage, schematic diagrams and application notes for various devices, etc.

USB Drivers

USB drivers are included in the installation of the software UP.

Although the USB drivers supplied in the UP installation package work in most cases well also in older systems like Windows XP, some installations of older systems may have problems with these new drivers. In such case please use these drivers: (ZIP archive, 813 569 B)


→ UP
Program UP is a main software application for FORTE.
UP supports almost all parts (MCUs and memories by Microchip, Atmel, Texas Instruments, Cypress, ...) except devices programmed via a JTAG interface. UP installation includes USB drivers and Reference Manuals.
→ JTAG SVF Player
Supports all devices with a JTAG interface for which is their development system able to create the .SVF or .XSVF programming files (FPGAs, CPLDs, various MCUs).
→ FORTE and Linux
How to use software for FORTE under Linux.
→ Testing software
Testing software for basic FORTE hardware test (helps to find if there is a programmer failure).
Allows for advanced control of the FORTE programmer from the user's software by a .DLL library; with application note and software examples for C, Delphi and Python.

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