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Functions implemented in the presto.dll (PRESTO DYNAMIC-LINK LIBRARY) enable setting or reading of logical values at single pins of the PRESTO programmer. Various communication protocols can be implemented this way. QSetPins() function enables output pins control. QGetPins() function enables input pins reading. QSendByte() function enables a fast SPI Byte on the data and clock pins to be sent. If also reading is required, then the QSendByte_OutIn() can be used. Then there are also functions for the programmer features settings, for supply and programming voltages control and functions for reading of the returned values.

The library can be used with all PRESTO programmers, it does not depend on the version of the programmer.

(799 480 B)
PRESTO.DLL dynamic-link library: ver.
Archive: → PRESTO_DLL_2014-08-01.ZIP (799 025 B) - ver.

(704 456 B)
Application note.

(570 800 B)
Example source code for Delphi.

The PRESTO .DLL LIBRARY software is not a standalone product, it is an integral part of programmers made by ASIX s.r.o.
It can be installed on any computer where some of ASIX programmers will be used.
The software can be used free of charge.
Legitimate user of ASIX programmers is allowed to download the PRESTO .DLL LIBRARY software updates free of charge from ASIX' website.
User may not modify, reverse engineer or sell the software. The software may not be used with products of other manufacturers.
The software is provided "as is", without any warranty that it is error-free.

Version history

Version (compiled 2014-10-20 / published 2014-11-25)
Changed: Behavior of functions has been changed - all functions which work with the programmer return an errorcode.
Fixed: Function QSetDPullup has been fixed - it controlled a LED of the programmer instead of the pull-up resistor.
Fixed: Now the AClearFatalErrors function erases all queues, when a FatalError is set. It never returns an errorcode.
Fixed: The QOpenPRESTO function will not open the programmer, when a FatalError is set. The error must be first erased using AClearFatalError function.
Version (2014-08-01)
Fixed: The programmer opening has been fixed. If there were multiple USB devices based on the chips by FTDI connected to a computer then the PRESTO programmer could not be opened sometimes.
Version (2014-02-07)
Fixed: Reading with the QShiftByte_OutIn function has been fixed, the function read about 31 kB, after that the AGet and AGetBlocking functions stopped returning any data.
Version (2013-08-05)
Improved: 64-bit version of the library has been created.
Version (2011-10-20)
Fixed: Expanding of the buffer has been fixed.
Fixed: It was not possible to terminate the library using FreeLibrary.
Fixed: Functions QShiftByte, QShitfByte_OutIn have been fixed - SPI mode were interchanged.
Fixed: Function QShitfByte_OutIn did not change SPI mode correctly.
Fixed: Data reading from the programmer was very slow.
Fixed: Function QSetPrestoSpeed() has been fixed - it did not work.
Initial version

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