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This application note explains how to use PRESTO for programming and debugging of ARM-based 32-bit microcontrollers.

OpenOCD - programming and debugging

PRESTO supports programming and debugging of ARM microcontrollers using OpenOCD.

OpenOCD is an open source debugger created by Dominic Rath which exposes debugging features through GDB protocol. Direct user interaction with OpenOCD is possible via telnet connection.

OpenOCD oficially contains support for PRESTO since SVN revision 180.

ARMINE - easy-to-use GUI programming

ARMINE software package provided by ASIX contains precompiled OpenOCD binary for Windows, a GUI for easy to use programming of FLASH parts and several sample configuration files. As OpenOCD is highly flexible, users may create custom configurations for particular applications.

YAGARTO - yet another GNU ARM toolchain

Pre-build ARM tools for Windows may be found at YAGARTO website. Packages with compiler toolchain (GCC+utilities) and Eclipse integrated development environment are available there.

There is a comprehensive tutorial by James P. Lynch how to put it all together. Despite it is originally written for AT91SAM7S, it is also applicable to other ARM-based microcontrollers: Download from Atmel's website (ZIP, 12.5 MB).

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