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How much is it?

Prices and quantity discounts are available:  ➜ End User Price List 

How to order?

Option 1: DIRECTLY

You can purchase our products directly from us (contact information).
Preferred method for such orders is an e-mail to sales department.

The customers from the European Union will find useful this additional information.

The payments can be accomplished via various options:

  • Bank transfer to our account in Euro (EUR, €) or US Dollar (USD, $) currency
  • PayPal - the on-line, cost-effective, fast and secure global payment service;
    PayPal accepts also credit cards even if you have no PayPal account


We have distributors in many countries. They speak your native language, often have the goods in their stocks and can offer better delivery and payment conditions then we are able for your country - especially outside the European Union.

Typical direct e-mail order

I would like to order:

PRESTO     ... 2 pcs
SIGMA2     ... 1 pc
PicoHook10 ... 2 pcs
[product name and quantity specification] *** Note 1

Billing address:

[your name or company name]
[street address]
[zip + city]          

VAT no.: [European Union tax registration number if you have it - like DE 123456789] *** Note 2

Shipping address: [only if different from the billing address]

[your name or company name]
[street address]
[zip + city]          

Contact person: 
[Mr./Ms. First_name Family_name]
[phone number (required by a courier service)]

Payment: [Bank transfer / PayPal ] *** Note 3


[European Union: Fixed prices or FREE SHIPPING] *** Note 4

[Other countries: Freight fee is calculated individually, typical amount is from EUR 25.- to 80.-.]

[Please use my FedEx/UPS/DHL/... account no. 123456, Standard/Expedited/Economy, ...] *** Note 5

*** Note 1:
Please use the product names only - e.g. PRESTO, HPR3V3, SIGMA, PicoHook10, etc. There is no need to include the product descriptions or even product photos downloaded from our web to your order, we know our products well. :-) The product name as written in our pricelist is a unique identifier.

*** Note 2:
Customers from the European Union should read the information about VAT handling which differs for companies & institutions with their VAT registration number and for private persons without VAT registration.

*** Note 3:
Please, do NOT send us any credit card information!
We cannot process credit cards directly, only via PayPal (even if you have no PayPal account) - this is a secure solution. Please note that sending a credit card information by e-mail is an extreme security risk.

*** Note 4:
The conditions are valid for shipments to the European Union member states only and NOT for other European countries (like Switzerland, Norway, Serbia, ...) where the customs clearance has to be made.

*** Note 5:
Your courier account number must allow import of goods.
Some accounts are export-only, these cannot be used for shipping goods from us to you.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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