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Tools for development, production & service
Smart. Powerful. Affordable.

Welcome to the fascinating world of ASIX' programmers,
logic analyzers and USB interfaces. We aspire to make your work
with microcontrollers, FPGAs, CPLDs and memories easy.
Our products help to save your time and money.

Logic analyzers Programmers USB interfaces

Very powerful and fast logic analyzer. Up to 16 channels, up to 400 MHz.
Price: € 298.-


Very fast and flexible High-Speed USB In-Circuit Serial programmer.
Price: € 198.-


USB to RS232 converter with unrivalled 5 kVolt galvanic isolation.
Price: € 70.-


Fast and cost effective logic analyzer. Up to 16 channels, up to 200 MHz.
Price: € 198.-


Popular fast and cost effective USB In-Circuit Serial programmer.
Price: € 98.-


Reliable USB to RS232 converter.
Price: € 28.-

Founded in 1991, ASIX s.r.o. provides a complete turnkey electronic design followed by a product manufacturing in any quantity, with life-time maintenance, high quality technical support and service. You are welcomed to take a look at various project examples.

ASIX. What you need is what you get.

Designed & manufactured in Europe.

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Latest downloads

➜ UP ver. 3.51 (2021-05-21)

➜ SIGMA-OMEGA ver. 3.06

What's New?

New UP version
UP ver. 3.51 is available: New devices implemented, fixes made and UP_CONTROL.DLL library improved.

Application note for UP_CONTROL.DLL library has been updated.

New JTAG SVF Player
JTAG SVF Player ver. 3.10 is available. New command line parameter "-s -" has been implemented.

New UP version
UP ver. 3.50 is available: New devices (especially STM32, PIC18, PIC24 and dsPIC33) implemented and various improvements and fixes made.

Reference manuals for PRESTO and FORTE have been updated.

New UP version
UP ver. 3.49 is available: New devices (especially Microchip STM32, AVR and PIC) implemented and various improvements, changes and fixes made.

Reference manuals for PRESTO and FORTE have been updated.

New User Manuals
User Manuals for UCAB232, UCAB232i and ISP2ZIF have been updated.

End of CD-ROMs
During January 2021, we will stop supplying CD-ROMs to the FORTE and PRESTO programmers and to the OMEGA and SIGMA2 logic analyzers. All necessary files (documentation, software and drivers) are freely and free of charge available on the website, always in the latest version.

New FORTE.DLL version
FORTE.DLL - ver. is available: New function I2C Bus Analyzer added, some DLL library bug fixes made, application examples updated and fixed.

New UP version
UP ver. 3.48 is available: New devices implemented (especially STM32Gxxx and PIC32MKxxx for FORTE), various fixes made.

Several fixes and changes of the UP_CONTROL.DLL library made and the corresponding example updated.

Shipping fee price reduction
for Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

New SIGMA-OMEGA version
SIGMA-OMEGA - ver. 2020-08-26 (3.06) is available: Improvements and fixes have been made. Reference manuals for OMEGA and SIGMA2/SIGMA logic analyzers have been updated.


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